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By: Camryn

Striving for and accomplishing goals is such a special part of the human experience. Having goals may bring a sense of purpose and direction within your life, and the goals themselves will lead to living a beautiful life that is unique to you. Here are 5 ways to bring you even closer to accomplishing the goals your heart is striving for.

1.Know what you want

It’s definitely tough to accomplish a goal if you aren’t specific about what it is that you want. For example, if your goal is to “be healthy”, you can specify by saying something like, “eat foods that leave me feeling nourished and energized throughout the day”. This will hone in on where you can specifically place your attention, leading to a clearer path directly to your goal.

2.Small actions every day

It’s the little, consistent steps that make the biggest shifts over time. Break down your goal into an action that you can do every single day. For example, if your goal is to be more social, you can start by one day initiating a conversation with at least 5 people each day, and the next day,  you can ask one of your colleagues to grab lunch together. Slowly but surely, these little actions will give you the confidence to push through the uncomfortable moments and accomplish the goal that you have set.

3.Who or what can hold you accountable? 

So many of us set out to achieve our magical mission, but we get lost on the way. Try setting reminders on your phone, telling your friends and family what your goal is and asking for their support, or investing in a coach who can hold you accountable and guide you in the moments when you feel like giving up. The path to your goal may not be the easiest, so finding the right support is a great way to stay on track.

4.Visualize success

If you can imagine it, you can do it. Take a few minutes each day to envision what your world will look like when you have achieved your goal. Once you finally achieve your goal, what will you see, what kinds of thoughts will you be thinking, who will be around you, what will you be feeling? Visualize your goal as if you have already achieved it, because there’s a version of you out there that already has. 

5.Celebrate the small wins

We often focus so much on the goal ahead of us that we forget about how much progress we’ve made along the way. Take a moment each and every day to recognize how far you have come, and be proud of it. You are a rockstar, afterall. 

I know you can do this!

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