“It is critical that we stop lookingonlyatour event programs. You have so much more to offer than just an event. You are a steward of your community.

– David Saef, CTSM Gold, SVP Strategy, mdg Advisory Services (a Freeman company)

David Saef presents his ideas about transformation and reinvention frequently at events. He also advises Boards of Directors and executive teams. The first time you hear him, you think, ‘D*amn, that’s one smart dude.” The second time you think, “I really need to pick his brain after this.”

Thankfully David is very generous with his time and loves this industry dearly, so he let us do exactly that for this blog.

“Events themselves are one of the most overlooked vehicles for change,” he shares while we chat. “Think of Reagan and Gorbachev meeting in person, striking a friendship and agreeing to end the cold war. Or how the…

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