How are you with disruption?

As our industry begins recovery in earnest, we run the risk of slowly emerging from our bunkers and checking the temperatures in our’ how we’ve always done it’ tide pools.

The panelists I spoke with for this week’s blog would like to ask us (perhaps even implore us) not to do that. Consider your comfort level with change and disruption as a sliding scale – not something you either possess or don’t possess. Like anything, it’s a muscle, and it takes practice.

It is possible to become more comfortable with change.

John Paxton, CEO, Material Handling Industry (MHI), relied on personal experience when he moderated the Focus on Industry Disruptors panel at CEIR Predict. He quickly admits he’s learned by doing (like most of our industry) through MHI’s response to the pandemic shutting down its annual event.

“It’s about asking what we’ve learned, not just…

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