Based on a CEIR Predict session by Nancy Drapeau, IPC; CEIR Vice President of Research

We’re taking a page from the Open Source community and making all the critical lessons from this year’s CEIR Predict available to everyone.  

It’s okay if you’re wondering..

  1. What is omnichannel marketing anyway?
  2. And why should I care?

Both are great questions.

<Please Note: If you are already well-versed enough to write this blog on omni channel marketing yourself, feel free to skip to the meat below.>

Answer 1: Omnichannel marketing is meeting one’s customers and prospects where they are – with a unified customer experience. Think Amazon as you purchase products through the app on your phone, via the Alexa device on your kitchen counter, or shop in a Whole Foods store. It is multichannel, connected, and seamless to the consumer. It’s a marketer’s nirvana.

Answer 2: Because events have the potential to…

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