Sanjay Ahuja, CEM, Vice President, Business Development, Show Strategy

Hometown: Los Angeles
University of Education: Cal Poly Pomona
How long have you been an IAEE member? 15 years
IAEE Chapter: Midwestern

How did you start your career in this industry?
After college I began working at the beautiful Century Plaza Hotel & Tower in Los Angeles. I spent five years working in food and beverage, convention services and sales department. In 2001, I was offered a position with Freeman in Anaheim. I spent the next nineteen years collaborating with some of the best in the business.

What advice would you give to a new member?
Get involved and join a committee that interests you. Take advantage of the networking and educational opportunities on the local and national level. After a few years, I would suggest joining your local board. The experience is invaluable.

Fun fact about you – What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
After high school in suburban Detroit, I began training to become a chef. I attended culinary school at Schoolcraft College and was working full time at the Hyatt Regency as a cook.

What community service projects do you like to be involved in? Why?
I’m involved with the National Kidney Foundation and Loma Linda University Health. I was very lucky to have a successful kidney transplant in 2015 and am forever grateful to the donor and the incredible team at Loma Linda University Health.

What do you like most about Expo! Expo!?
We all look forward to reconnecting with colleagues, customers and industry leaders. The opportunity to collaborate with industry organizers, suppliers and contractors in an educational environment is so beneficial. I’m hoping to see everyone in Philadelphia in December.

Posted by Jannat Choudhury

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