2020 proved that industry research is critical to help us navigate through the effects of COVID-19. Read the top ten CEIR reports that were released in 2020 and how you can download them today.


For CEIR, 2020 was the year that proved that our industry wanted as much information and research as possible to help navigate through the effects of COVID-19. The CEIR team has compiled the top 10 reports that were released in 2020.

10. CEIR Update to the CEIR Index and Scenarios for Recovery

CEIR’s VP of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC and Economist Dr. Allen Shaw provided an update to the CEIR Index with scenarios for recovery. Additionally, attendees learned how to use the newly released Event Analyzer 2.0:

  • Understand which industry benchmark charts are available for free
  • Unlock premium content
  • Engage in an interactive discussion on how to interpret these results.

9. B2B Sponsorship Playbook Series Part Five: Who are Non-Buyers and What May Prompt Them to Buy?

Part Five profiles exhibitors who have not purchased sponsorships in the past two years. It assesses unique characteristics of this group, reasons…

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