Month: January 2021

Top 10 CEIR Blog Posts of 2020

Originally posted on CEIR Blog:
What can be learned about 2020? We never imagined the devastation that COVID-19 would have on the B2B exhibitions industry in the U.S. and internationally. At CEIR, we have been…

CEM Spotlight on Meagan Keller, CMP, CEM

Congratulations to Meagan Keller, CMP, CEM of the Consortium for School Networking on becoming a #CEM gamechanger! Read why she chose to pursue the CEM designation and enhance her understanding of the needs for the industry. 

Using Technology to Create Connections

Originally posted on CEIR Blog:
CEIR VP of Research, Nancy Drapeau, PRC sat down with Marlys Arnold of Exhibit Marketers Cafe where she shared matchmaking and networking trends from the report, Matchmaking Before & During…

Your First One Hundred Days

We all have fresh eyes on 2021, but focusing on the first 100 days can be a great start to improve yourself personally and professionally. Read how you can craft your 100-day plan with Orange Leaf Consulting.

Happy New Year Indeed

As industry executives roll up their sleeves for 2021, we encourage you to embrace the new possibilities. Read why it’s important to embrace new and innovative pathways for our industry’s future from IAEE’s President & CEO David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA.

The Evolution of Event Attendees

Originally posted on CEIR Blog:
By: Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes, CEM, Chief Marketing Strategist of mdg As chief marketing strategist at mdg, an agency that focuses on generating attendance for physical and digital events, I need to…

CEM Spotlight on Tracy-Lee Behr, CEM

Congratulations to Tracy-Lee Behr, CEM of dmg Events on becoming a #CEM gamechanger! Read why she pursued her #CEM journey and the fresh insights she learned to compliment her experience of over 20 years in the events industry!

What’s Next for the Expositions and Trade Show Business in 2021?

Originally posted on CEIR Blog:
By: Don Neal, Founder and CEO, 360 Live Media The devastation of the trade show, exposition, and in-person event industry does not need another recap or reminder of where we…

Tips For Your New Job Search: Use A Three-Step Whole Brain Approach

In 2021, many of us are dealing with applying to new jobs or considering a job switch. Learn from Shelley Row, PE, CSP on ways to reduce stress and produce sound decision-making when considering job opportunities.