By: Nicole Bowman, MBA, VP of Marketing & Communications, IAEE and CEIR

2020 has been a real train wreck. Let’s just get that out there and deal with it. I often think about what I will reminisce about with my daughter 10 years from now when she’s off to college (hopefully) about this current situation. My whole [marketing] world has been turned upside down and if you are a marketer, you know exactly what I mean.

In March, we were just beginning our event marketing plans for the summer and remainder of the year. All of our channels were ready to go – we were ready for event registrations to start rolling in! Then big shows started cancelling or postponing. Daily news reports of serious spikes in COVID-19 cases were in your face no matter where you turned. And quarantining at home was the new way of life.

Our marketing…

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