D. Bradley Kent of VisitDallas shares how CEIR’s How to Grow Attendance series has helped his organization collaborate better with clients and show organizers.


If you would like to participate in the CEIR Case Study or have insights on how CEIR has helped your organization, please reach out to Jannat Choudhury at jchoudhury@iaee.com.

Growing a show’s attendance isn’t just on the show organizer. It’s a team effort that involves internal and external organizations. In this case study, D. Bradley Kent, Senior Vice President & Chief Sales Officer of VisitDallas shares his takeaways from the How to Grow Attendance series and how destination marketing organizations (DMOs) can contribute to the event marketing efforts of their customers.


1) Please describe your role at VisitDallas. What responsibilities do you have?

As the Senior Vice President & Chief Sales Officer, my role is to develop our team, serve as the face of relationships with our customers and partners to help them achieve their goals and develop strategies to achieve the financial objectives of the city.


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