We all know the struggle of planning an event, but planning an event last-minute may be our worst nightmare. Ann Thornley-Brown of Executive Oasis shares how you can manage last-minute event planning like a pro.


By Anne Thornley-Brown


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Last-minute event planning is a bad idea for so many reasons.

  • It’s tougher to find venues.
  • The client’s preferred venue will likely be booked.
  • Clients will end up paying more for hotels, resorts and airfare.
  • Planning at the last minute increases the likelihood of errors.
  • In the rush to plan, important details may be overlooked.

The pressure that accompanies last-minute event planning and its twin, last-minute changes, contribute to making event planning one of the most stressful professions. (Unfortunately, event coordinator made Careercast’s most stressful jobs list again. It’s number 5 for 2018.)

Trying to educate clients about why they should plan events with more lead time hasn’t worked. (I’ve written a number of blog posts to convince organizations to change their approach—and I’m not the only one.)

Clearly, no one is listening. So, to preserve their…

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