Thinking of utilizing influencer marketing? Elizabeth Johnson of glee Content Marketing shares the 8 do’s and don’ts of influencer marketing to make your marketing campaign successful.


By Elizabeth Johnson, Principal and Owner, glee Content Marketing

As social media has grown, so has the power of influencers and the buzz around the benefits of influencer marketing. This tactic offers a lot of potential for event marketers. It can expand your event brand’s reach, open up new audiences and push people who have been on the fence to jump in. If you haven’t delved into the world of influencer marketing yet or are knee deep in building a campaign, here are eight dos and don’ts for making your influencer campaign successful.

  • Do Select Influencers Carefully. Research, research, research. A strong influencer campaign starts with research. Select the right influencers by choosing those that are relevant to your niche, are active on their platforms and have real followers that engage and not a stream of bots. Also look for red flags that might come back to haunt you in…

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