Guest author, @samueljsmith of @IMTSocialPoint shares the 7 reasons why trade show promotional activities are worth the effort.


By Samuel J. Smith, Managing Director of Interactive Meeting Technology, LLC

With all the logistics you have to manage for your company’s trade show program, you might feel justified in skipping trade show promotional activities. But that would be like planning a party and not sending out all the invitations.

Sure, the show organizer will get people to the show floor.  But it’s up to you to get them to your booth space.

Here are 7 reasons why trade show promotional activities are so worth your effort:

  1. Trade show promotional activities attract more booth traffic

As attendees wander down the aisles, their eyes are bombarded by structures, images and words from all sides.  What wins in that sensory battle?  Motion and sound – which you can do best with activities.  Activities in your booth catch and hold their attention, and, if enticing enough, bring them into your space, leaving your neighboring…

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  1. Great article! Trade shows are ideal contact building exercises, and especially the small start-ups gain a lot of exposure from such events. It is important to establish a positive image in these events, failing to do which can lead to negative ROI.



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