In the last CEIR blog post of 2018, Dax Callner shares how you can incorporate a mission-led experience at your event that could lead to repeat attendance.


By Dax Callner

Any marketer reading this probably observed with interest the 2018 Nike phenomenon, in which their use of Colin Kaepernick in a marketing video went hugely viral and led to a barrage of impassioned responses across the U.S. (as well as the expected news coverage).

The Nike piece was more than a stunt designed to stir up controversy and press. This was a brand taking sides by indirectly showing support for Kaepernick and other National Football League athletes who’d been taking a knee during the U.S. national anthem in protest of racism and police brutality. It was a risky move, and one that Nike almost didn’t take. But they decided, correctly, that the video would align to who they are as a company at a deeper level, rebuilding brand credibility with their core customers. They also likely hoped it would impact sales. It did.

Mission-led Event Marketing2

While event…

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