Watch out, Instagram is becoming a hot social channel for events. Elizabeth Johnson of @GleeContent shares how you can use Instagram for before, during and after your event.


By Elizabeth Johnson, Principal and Owner, glee Content Marketing

While Facebook has dominated the headlines most of the year with one crisis after another, its sister social media site, Instagram has quietly grown into a powerful social marketing tool. In June 2018, it reached 1 billion monthly active users, an increase of 200 million people since September 2017. Compare its reach to Facebook at 1.4 billion and Twitter at 68 million and you’ll see it’s a global powerhouse.

Also important is that users hit Instagram’s like button 4.2 billion times a day, on average, and that brands see engagement rates ten times higher than on Facebook. So, if you’re not yet actively using Instagram to promote your event and most importantly, maintain audience engagement, you might want to consider a strategic change. And if you are, you might want to expand your effort.

Here are five ways to use Instagram…

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