Can you believe Expo! Expo! begins tomorrow?! Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition prepares show organizers for a better year ahead. With 298 exhibitors across 60+ product categories, 142 education sessions and plenty of networking opportunities, attendees will leave with insights and connections that will prove to be beneficial for their shows in the upcoming year. IAEE interviewed Justin Goldstein, Associate Director of Asset Sales and Corporate Partnerships of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association who cannot wait to attend his sixth Expo! Expo!.

Tell us a little about yourself. What are your current responsibilities?

I’m currently the Associate Director of Asset Sales and Corporate Partnerships at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  I handle all online and in person sponsorship opportunities and assist with our corporate partnerships.

Why do you attend Expo! Expo!? And how many years have you attended Expo! Expo!?

This is my fifth Expo! Expo. I attend for the networking, educational sessions and the chance to learn about new and innovative solutions for conferences and trade shows.

How do show organizers like yourself benefit from attending Expo! Expo!?

We benefit by the networking and learning about key solutions to any problems or obstacles we might have. It’s invaluable to talk with your peers.

What education sessions caught your attention at Expo! Expo! in the past? Did you have any takeaways from those sessions?

I enjoy any education sessions that are related to marketing or sponsorship. I always walk away from the sessions with critical information that helps my organization.


Were there any insights from Expo! Expo! that you implemented in your organization? If so, what were they? 

I learned about developing return-on-investment (ROI) reports for sponsors. This has definitely helped in my sales efforts.

How do you approach your time spent at Expo! Expo!?

I try and check out as much of the new technology on the expo floor as possible. In addition, I check the schedule of events to bookmark any marketing and sponsorship educational sessions.


If you were talking to someone who had not attended Expo! Expo! and was considering going, what would you say to him/her?

I would tell them it’s definitely worth their time to attend. There are so many people to meet and so many great resources at their fingertips.

What tip would you give to a first-time attendee that you wish someone had told you when you attended Expo! Expo! for the first time? 

Try and set up meetings ahead of time with key vendors you would like to meet with. Also, bring a ton of business cards. You will meet a lot of your industry peers.

What is one event or program that attendees cannot miss at Expo! Expo! that you thoroughly enjoy?

I would say that the luncheon and expo floor are can’t miss events for all attendees.


Will you be attending this year’s Expo! Expo! in New Orleans? If so, what programming are you looking forward to experiencing?

I will definitely be attending. I’m looking forward to as many marketing and sponsorship sessions as possible to help solidify sale strategies.


Trade show floor, education and networking…all in one place. Attend the “show for shows” in vibrant New Orleans this year.


Posted by Jannat Choudhury

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