By Mary E. Boone, Owner, Boone Associates

It’s not easy to measure the true impact of events and trade shows. Sure, there are plenty of shiny new technologies that collect mountains of quantitative data (e.g., number of leads, demographics, attendee booth attendance, etc.). Even with all this data, though, let’s face it: we often don’t deeply understand the motivations, emotions and visceral reactions to the experiences we create. Knowing how long someone stays at a booth — or even knowing their pulse rate from their RFID bracelet — doesn’t reveal whether they’re reacting to your product or to an attractive person who just agreed to meet them for dinner. Even if we get aggregate information that a number of people had a pulse-raising reaction to a particular booth or speaker, we still need to understand why they had that response.

Traditional event surveys provide important quantitative insights into participant reactions…

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Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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