IAEE is pleased to bring you this valuable information from our new partner, BluePay. BluePay offers fast, easy, and secure payment processing solutions to fit every member’s needs. Whether a small business, large enterprise, e-commerce, B2B, or nonprofit – BluePay is the preferred all-in-one credit card processing company for the IAEE.

Debit card payments are growing in popularity for consumer purchases. Perhaps because of a fear of running up large credit card debt, many consumers and even businesses are turning to debit cards for online transactions. By accepting debit cards, you can expand the customer base of your business — perhaps substantially. Keep in mind, too, that some consumers and businesses use debit cards and credit cards, depending on the size of the transaction and other factors. With this in mind, accepting debit cards online may turn your “sometimes” customers into “all the time” customers.

How do you know which is right for your organization – credit cards or debit card?

Read the full blog post here.

Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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