by Jim Curry

I am a troll.

I troll loads of different people and companies about a whole load of different things.

In the past few months, I have trolled a cyclist and a cycling coach. I have also trolled a sports promoter, asking why he promotes boxers with doping convictions.

But it’s not always about sports and doping.

I have also trolled retailers, airlines, government agencies, and delivery services (one gave me a £30 gift card, as a result).

My trolling is selective… to a degree. I only go after profiles or companies and I don’t get personal.

A quick look at psychological studies on trolls–there have been a few–would suggest that I have deep-rooted narcissistic, sadistic and/or psychopathic personality faults.

Damn–and I thought I was one of the good guys.

However, my defense is a new study by some clever people at Stanford and Cornell Universities. Turns out that there…

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Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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