by Stephane Doutriaux

Cryptocurrency has made headline news regularly in the past months, with multiple waves of radical enthusiasm, measured skepticism, and a lot of eager soul-searching on the part of a new generation that is inheriting a world dominated by fear-mongering, economic instability, and species-threatening climate warnings.

Bitcoin’s gradual entry into the mainstream and its newfound accessibility through the use of user-friendly apps such as gatecoin, coinbase, and bitpay (and dozens of others), its easy conversion-rate verification (as it is now part of the standard on currency-exchange platforms such as xe.com (CURRENCY:XBT) and on Google Finance (CURRENCY:BTC)), and its use as a valid payment method for services rendered by Ernst & Young (my company, Poken, pays for its audit in Bitcoin) are all indications that events will soon be impacted by this cryptographically secure chains of blocks commonly referred to as a “Blockchain.”

Why talk of…

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Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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