by Bob James

Once a year, CEIR turns “seer” when it convenes its national leadership summit, CEIR Predict.

At the two-day conference, experts lead in-depth conversations that range across the whole landscape confronting today’s event organizers—from macro-economic and demographic trends, to technology, science, R&D, and geopolitics. Participants enjoy the chance to step back from momentary concerns and immerse themselves in the big-picture factors that drive every business sector—and every organizer’s operation.

The seventh edition of CEIR Predict took place September 14-15 in Washington, DC. Over 130 event-industry execs participated.

World economy: exercise caution

Economist Gregory Daco, Oxford Economics, said that, although economies worldwide are expanding at a quick pace, over-optimism is unwarranted, because the metrics used to gauge growth are based, in large part, on “expectations,” rather than real, measured trends. The economies of the US, Europe, Mexico, and Latin America are particularly strong; and the growth is quite sustainable…

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