by Carl Landau

Post-event, if you did your job, everyone is high on love: Loved the program! The speakers rocked! You did great!

It’s a Kudos Fest.

But, let’s admit, it, not every single attendee is always completely happy. Sure, you strive for that, but it’s realistic to assume you will not please every single person every time.

So you read the evals (most are favorable) and file them.

Then, typically, you dust off those evals again when you are beginning to create new programming (about eight months out for an annual event), looking at what you did last year. You’ll look at the evals and your team’s notes, and start filling in the educational slots and networking opportunities.

But suddenly you notice something. When you looked at the evaluations the first time, most were positive. Sure, there were a few nay-sayers and a suggestion or two, but in general attendees seem to have really liked you and your event.

But did they really?

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Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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