by Jim Curry

I am neck deep in exhibitor sales brochures at the moment. That involves reading endless exhibition statistics, questionable exhibitor testimonials, and vomit-inducing openers from organizers.

It is a very boring and predictable process, because 85% of them are templated tosh.

When reading the brochures, you can normally tell quite quickly the 15% of marketing teams that are trying to up their game and the other 85% who are just updating the previous years’ copy and taking instruction from very shouty event directors.

(Message to the 15%: Nice one, loving your work!)

The exhibitor sales brochure has been around for years and, although the layouts and graphics have undoubtedly improved, the format and tone have remained pretty much unchanged over the years and across the sectors:

“The must-attend event for the industry,” said a faceless sales exec.

‘A great place to meet all the relevant people under one roof,”…

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Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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