by Caroline Meyers

Think about the last time you went a trade show, conference or networking event. There was a hubbub of noise and conversation. You are there to learn, meet, listen and, if you are booth staff, greet and teach.

Imagine that you are approached by someone, or maybe are seated next to someone, and you exchange mutual hellos. A couple of incidental questions and you both find a topic of common interest. You know this because your conversational partner has emoted more energy, maybe turned a little on her seat, stepped a little into your personal space.

Your conversation is enjoyable. Maybe you learn something or are able to engage her with your company’s brand message. You both smile and shake hands. Exchange business cards (which have their own personality) and part.

There are so many nonverbal cues in this scenario that you can sense and use to…

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Posted by Jannat Choudhury

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