How do you build customer satisfaction? Read more to find out! By: @DaveBrull, VP Global Accounts at kubik.


by David Brull

Event marketing will never go away. In fact, it’s gaining importance to exhibitors, even with so many other distractions out there.

According to The State of Customer Marketing 2017, a survey of over 200 marketing leaders (primarily from B2B companies), companies identified three key areas for success in customer marketing efforts: relationship building, communication and customer satisfaction.

The third area, customer satisfaction, is fast becoming a key metric when exhibitors determine event marketing ROI.

The State of Customer Marketing 2017 suggests what we all already know: customer satisfaction matters! Organizations reporting moderate to significant revenue from customer marketing are two and a half times more likely to report high levels of customer satisfaction.  Not a surprise. But the question is, how do you build to that level of satisfaction?

The answer, in part: event marketing.

Whether it’s a trade show, an exhibitors’ private event, or a road show, events help drive people from prospect to customer, allowing…

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