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It’s All About Education at Expo! Expo!

IAEE staff and members of the Expo! Expo! committee have been hard at work putting together one of the best education schedules we’ve ever had at Expo! Expo!. We have scheduled over 70+ learning opportunities on and off the show floor, and we aim to deliver solutions that attendees can put to work right away! Our main three areas of focus this year are solutions based learning, attendee engagement and the holistic approach. You can learn more about these concepts in David DuBois’ blog on the Trends of Education.

View All Education Sessions at Expo! Expo!

Here are some examples of Expo! Expo! niche programming. Click on the links for more education sessions and information on networking opportunities.

MATSO at Expo! Expo!  

3 Dec MATSO Forum
– Making Sense of and Maximizing Use of New Technologies
– MATSO Council Meeting (Invitation-Only)

International Attendees at Expo! Expo!

2 Dec Education Session
Attracting U.S. Organizers, Exhibitors & Attendees to Your Exhibitions

3 Dec Education Session
Increasing the Buyer-Seller Experience and Delivering a Strong ROI

Here is a sneak peak of the Attracting U.S. Organizers, Exhibitors & Attendees to Your Exhibitions session:


Women’s Leadership at Expo! Expo!

3 Dec Female Power Day
– Think Like A Negotiator
– Career Management 2.0
– Am I on Financial Track?

Public Events/Consumer Show at Expo! Expo!

1 Dec Public Events Day
– Public Events Council Meeting (Invitation-Only)
– Consumer Events Bootcamp
– Public Events Forum

Young Professionals at Expo! Expo!

1 Dec 20 Under 30
One-on-one Resumes

2 Dec Education Session
Campfire: 10 Tips for a Killer LinkedIn Profile

3 Dec Education Session
How to Move from Communication Breakdown to Breakthrough

Executives at Expo! Expo!

2 Dec Session
Executive Breakfast:  Global Business Intelligence and How it Impacts the Exhibition and Events Industry (limited to those with a VP title or higher)

Of course, you can attend almost any education session as we have 70+ learning sessions on and off the show floor, including Campfire sessions:

[wpvideo ioRK3sbr]

Click here for more information on this Campfire session:
Managing Speaker Selection to Improve the
Effectiveness and Quality of Events

Act soon! The Advance Registration Discount for Expo! Expo! ends on 2 November and the housing deadline is less than a month away on 15 November.


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