If gasoline powers your car, electricity powers your devices, food powers your cells, and faith powers the spirit, then what powers your heart to BE your best self? I love watching 5 – 7 year old kids. They are full of life, adventure, and curiosity. When you ask kids “what do you want to be when you grow up?” they shout out with pride, passion, and purpose–a fireman, policeman, farmer, doctor, or teacher, etc. Then I remember life throws some fast curve balls that bring some tough lessons as we continue our journey to adulthood. The fire within that fueled our excitement and determination loses energy, brightness, and power. If we have the courage, then the question we face next is, “who (not what) do you want to BE when you grow up?” The “who do you ant to be” question speaks to character, passion, and purpose It takes reflection and introspection to get to the heart of the matter. Start this process by relating and connecting with self—yes YOU!

Get to know who you are as a human being and not just the human doing in your business or career. Understand what triggers you to action, no action, or reaction. Explore the limiting beliefs about yourself, others, and life that often gets in the way of relating and connecting. It isn’t difficult. The key is to put YOU on the priority list. Here are how to practice S.U.C.C.E.S.S in Knowing Yourself.

Sit – Schedule in at least 5 minutes per day at whatever time works to just sit in silence. Personally, I recommend the morning to start your day the optimistic way! Just sit with yourself. No TV, radio, music or people. Even when you’ve got a busy schedule and just itching to get out the door, you can sit in your car before turning on the ignition. It may seem awkward at first; just go with the flow, take a deep breath, and be present to you.

Uncover – As you enjoy your own company, ask yourself (just like you would do when you run in to a friend) “how are you feeling today (and say your name)?” Resist the temptation to say I’m Okay, I’m Fine, I’m tired, or I’m still sleepy. Really uncover and reveal the true feeling you are having in the moment, i.e. happy, sad, afraid, anxious, etc. Don’t do anything with it. Just uncover it.

Choose – Now decide if those feelings you’ve uncovered will help you or hinder you from what you truly want to accomplish. You have the power to choose how you want to feel and react throughout the day.

Commit – Genuinely promise to stay in touch with yourself on a daily basis. Do what you say you would do and feel throughout the day. Keep your own word. Be your own best friend. It’s easier to keep a promise to someone else. You are just as important.

Embrace – Embrace yourself! Okay…you started the day powerfully and got off track a bit. Don’t waste time beating yourself up. Just get back in touch with self and keep honoring your promise. When you keep your inner light on, it is attractive, appealing, and it feels good too.

Salute – Why wait for others to do it for you! Acknowledge yourself! Tell yourself what you did well or what you are most proud of and be happy for a reason or no reason. Then share the highs of the day with a colleague, friend, or relative.

Savor –Enjoy what you’re learning about yourself! Continue with these practices. Plan ahead and schedule some down time or me-time – even for just 5 minutes. It will make a world of difference for you, your family, colleagues, and everyone you interact with on a daily basis.

With these practices, you will gain some insights into what powers you and who you really want to be and show up to others. These insights lead to discovering or clarifying your passions – the things that matter most in your life. Enjoy the journey and your new relationship with SELF!

Anita, Passionista, Torres, CPLP
Certified Executive Coach and Consultant
Passion Powered Consulting, LLC

Posted by Elizabeth McQuade

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